Independent/Extended Learning policy

 Aims: ensure all pupils receive outstanding opportunities to enhance their learning outside of the regular curriculum.

Examples of extended learning opportunities:

  • Meaningful tasks i.e. extend learning from lesson or prepare for future learning
  • Not add on/low level e.g. word search
  • Extended research project
  • Attend extra-curricular/intervention
  • Focused revision
  • Exam papers
  • Practise (music, sport, drama)
  • Online e.g. My Maths
  • Homework links through the website
  • Form time activity at least once per week
  • Attend the Learning Resource Centre

Frequency of homework:

Frequency set out below is a minimum expected. Each task to require at least one hour active engagement by the student

  • Core subjects – once per week
  • Non-core subjects – 3 per half term (6 per term) at KS3/ Once per week at KS4 


  • The focus should be to positively reward students for their effort and achievement rather than punish those that do not engage in extended learning opportunities
  • Through house (could there be a house assembly per term and include it as part of this?)
    • whole school competition
    • homework passport (page in planners)
    • SIMS points
  • Faculty prizes
  • Homework achievement board per department on the main corridor
  • Marked and positive comments- Levelled if appropriate

Monitoring and evaluation:

  • Parents to sign planners weekly and contact school if they feel their child is not having enough homework set
  • Form tutor to monitor and sign planners at least once per week
  • SOW – include homework tasks
  • Faculty homework booklets for each year group with examples of project tasks set, support, completed and marked work – to be sampled by JM to create a best practise booklet
  • Faculty leader to record on matrix
    • teachers record that it’s set OR teacher records completion/rewards
    • students record in planner and record completion
    • Student homework file kept in pupil work folder including tasks, completed work and record of completion
  • Homework board for each faculty to be updated every half term
  • Faculty leader to monitor within each faculty
  • Whole school scrutiny focus every term
  • Feedback from learner voice

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