Vision & Ethos

Buile Hill is a learning community aiming for high standards of achievement in a stimulating and inclusive environment.


  • To provide every member of the school community the best possible opportunities to develop personally and professionally.
  • To develop and sustain a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of every student, enabling them to achieve their full potential intellectually, physically, culturally, socially, morally and spiritually

At Buile Hill we:

  • Pride ourselves in the fact that at the heart of our community is the sense of the ‘Buile Hill family’ - we care for everyone involved in our community as if they were in our family.
  • Aim to meet the educational needs and access needs of all students and staff and the wider community.
  • Tell the truth, speak politely, respect others, dress smartly and recognise that we can all make mistakes.
  • Aim to motivate our students to adopt a positive attitude.
  • Aim to stimulate and engage our students in the pursuit of learning.
  • Believe that learning is a lifelong activity

Our Vision is:

  • To provide an excellent education for every student in terms of human resources, learning environment and curriculum.
  • That every student will set themselves the highest standards, aiming to reach their greatest potential, becoming responsible, independent and self motivated.
  • To develop a caring community where we have concern for others and demonstrate respect for each other.
  • To involve parents and carers in the educational process so that they are consulted, informed and feel valued.
  • To develop in every student and adult, the joy of learning.
  • To establish an outward looking community that understands its role locally, nationally and internationally.
  • To ensure our children obtain the qualifications they need to enable them to move onto college, apprenticeships, university & further careers.

Consilium Academy Trust Aims

Are to ensure every young person achieves their potential and every school improves sequentially by:

  • Aiming to provide the best possible education and experiences to develop the whole child during their time under our influence.
  • Every student achieving the qualifications required to secure the most appropriate route in the next stage of their lives whether that is university education or apprenticeship. No young person will leave our academies not in education, employment or training.
  • Creating a provision for young people that gives value for money in an environment where they feel safe and secure to develop themselves personally and educationally.
  • Raising attainment and ensuring that excellent progress is made by every student.
  • Taking advantage of the school led system predicated on collaboration and partnerships. This will entail linking with outstanding teaching schools and school based ITT providers to ensure transfer of knowledge and good practice. The capacity created from such arrangements will ensure we achieve the aims we set for children and adults in our academies.
  • Developing an appropriate curriculum responsive to the needs of all students matched with outstanding pedagogy will reinforce learning through challenge, support and consolidation of skills, knowledge, understanding and values of what is required for a happy and successful future in an ever changing society.
  • Ensuring that families are an integral part of their children’s education by developing a positive and supportive relationship. An inclusive and welcoming approach to those adults who feel marginalised by traditional educational practices will be a key component of our routines. We intend that there will be no gaps between those children disadvantaged and the rest either in attainment or opportunity.

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