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We really do improve the life chances of our pupils and equip them with the skills they need for further education and employment.

We pride ourselves on ensuring that children follow appropriate curriculum pathways unique to them. This inevitably has a detrimental impact on some of the school's headline measures as a significant number of students do not fully fill all elements of progress 8 due to our strong values and principles. Pupils will always come first at our school.

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 * The cohort of 2018 GCSE sat the single science examinations. The majority of pupils sat Biology and Chemistry and not a third science. Unfortunately, this was not verified for the 2018 performance data and has therefore had an impact on our headline measures. We made the decision not to change this course part way through the year, but have since moved all current GCSE pupils onto the combined science or triple science route.

**Progress at Buile Hill has been affected as we have a significant number of pupils who were unable to sit exams in the summer, this has undoubtedly had a significant impact on our overall data. Buile Hill has always been an inclusive school that places children at the forefront of all decisions. This means that our pupils follow a curriculum path that is appropriate to them. This results in some pupils not ‘filling’ all elements of progress 8. When the EBACC curriculum is appropriate, pupils follow it and those pupils have a positive progress score of +0.9.

Further to the inclusive nature of the school, there is high mobility of pupils with incomplete key stages that affect the progress of the school. In the 2018 GCSE leavers, 21% of the cohort did not begin the school in Key Stage Three. This group have a significant negative progress score.

Our pupils who attend school everyday have a positive progress figure of +0.07

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