Doodle Therapy

22nd June 2020

Doodle Therapy

Doodling simply allows me to be in the moment and think of nothing else. I often doodle in the evenings to get out all the stress of the day before bed. You pick up a pen and paper and you're away, you have taken a moment for yourself and turned inwards, not reacting to the outside world anymore. It's just you. You can draw with no pressure of how the drawing will look. You don't even have to show it to anyone, if you don't want to.

The idea is to try to get your feelings to match up to the marks you make on the page so you can see them outside of yourself, then they are no longer trapped inside. Sometimes if all the bad feelings are coming out first then you can actively try and remember something that made you feel good and draw that too. 

 Doodling helps you move away from perfectionism as really it's just scribbling and colouring. This means when you make a mistake, you can learn to not be upset by it and in turn become more resilient.

 The example drawings are meant to look a bit scruffy and hand drawn, this is to make it feel accessible to anyone, you can just reach for felt tips or biros, whatever is to hand and have a scribble. Don't feel pressured to create artwork - this process is just designed to 'get it all out' and help you to manage your emotions.

 Art Therapy Exercises

Bad Mood Doodles - looks at choosing different mark making and colours to represent different moods, can be used to reflect on a bad day or just lockdown tension. Once it's out on paper you can see different moods or feelings so it's separated out as to what's caused the bad mood exactly. Then you can do things to make yourself feel better.

 Monster Bad Mood Doodles - Sometimes you just need to stay in the bad mood, it needs to run its course and so you have to work through it before you can move on. Hopefully after a while you can lighten and even see the funny side.

 Creating Calm - this actively explores what marks you find calming and even inspiring to just draw and colour for fun and relaxation.

 A Big Heart - identify what you enjoy doing and make time for it every day - you will start to feel better as doing what you love can lift you out of those bad moods!

 Hope you enjoy just having a go - you never know, it might help one day!

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