Our English Department is characterised by a strong sense of collaboration and enthusiasm for our students and subject. Our curriculum offers a rich and diverse range of learning experiences whilst also focusing on embedding the skills essential to our students’ success at GCSE, across the rest of the curriculum and in their future lives. We nurture all abilities: providing differentiated, personal learning and support to ensure the confidence and achievement of each individual student. Our foundation is a belief in the importance of words and vocabulary as a means to be successful in life.

KS3 (Y7, 8 & 9)

Number of sessions per week: 4 X 60 minutes.
English is a five year learning programme. Students begin building the skills and knowledge essential to success at GCSE and communication in general from day one in Y7 by studying engaging, age appropriate, language and literature. The KS3 curriculum provides a firm foundation for progression to KS4 and beyond.
Our intention is to expose pupils to a wide and rich range of literature, both local and from the wider world of English literature. We give pupils the opportunity to engage with writers from different eras, with the understanding that studying English is to study the human condition.

KS4 (Y10 &11)

Number of sessions per week: 4 X 60 minutes.
During these sessions, all students will study English Language GCSE and English Literature GCSE, which they begin in Y10 as part of a two-year scheme of work.

English Language focuses on developing sophisticated reading and writing skills: understanding and using language to fully interact and communicate in the wider world.

English Literature involves the study of a variety of literature texts, novels, plays and poetry, from a range of different time periods.

Both English Language and English Literature are examined at the end of Year 11. There are two papers in each subject. In addition English Language requires students to complete a speaking and listening assessment, although this does not contribute to the final GCSE grade.

Both qualifications will be graded on a nine grade scale from 9-1, where 9 is the highest grade, using total marks from both papers.

Studying Language and Literature enables students to:

  • Read with clear understanding of meaning and writer’s intent
  • Write with confidence and fluency for a range of purposes
  • Express thoughts and ideas verbally

A good GCSE in English provides a springboard into further academic and vocational education and employment: strong competence in understanding language in all its forms and the ability to communicate clearly and articulately in both spoken and written forms will open doors everywhere!


Students are set homework on a weekly basis in English. It is designed to extend and enrich the learning in the classroom and works best as a partnership between student, teacher and home. Our focus for 2019 at KS3 is spelling, idioms and vocabulary.

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