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GCSE Child Development studies the physical, social and emotional development of a child from birth to the age of 5 years.

The course covers the following items:

  • Parenthood
  • Pregnancy
  • Diet, health and care of a child
  • Development of a child
  • Support for a parent and child

The final examination in year 11 will test any or all of the above five areas.

The examination will carry 40% of the marks of the course.

In addition to the final examination the pupils will carry out two extremely controlled assessments which together make up 60% of the course.

Pupils will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of human needs in a diverse society, and the skills and knowledge acquired will be relevant and transferable to other settings, enhancing career prospects.


All Child Development pupils attend a work experience and visit to Kids’r’us in Salford Quays as apart of awareness of job opportunities and career paths that could be taken from studying Child Development at Buile.

Half Term 1 - Introduction to Course work
R020 recognise key factors when choosing equipment for children from birth to five years.

Half Term 2
R020 coursework.

Half Term 3 - Introduction to
R018 examination.

Half Term 4
R018 understand reproduction and the roles and responsibilities of parenthood.

Half Term 5
R018 understand antenatal care and preparation for birth.

Half Term 6
R018 Understand how to recognise, manage and prevent childhood illnesses.
Know about child safety.

The current Year 10 are the first pupils to start the new OCR Cambridge nationals Child Development course.

The Course is separated into three different sections.
R018 the examination
R019 understand the equipment and nutritional needs of children from birth to five years
R020 understand the development of a child from birth to five years, OCR set assignment

The assignments are spread between the course of year 10 and year 11. All sections of the coursework are recorded and done alongside the teaching of the examination specification to make learning meaningful.

Year 11 Layout of work

Half Term 1
Unit 1 family and Child
Unit 3 child focus task 7.5 hours, calcium & protein

Half Term 2
Child focus task 7.5 hours, calcium & protein
Unit 1 food and Health

Half Term 3
Unit 1 exam preparation, physical development.

Half Term 4
Unit 1 exam preparation, intellectual development

Half Term 5
Unit 1 exam preparation, social and emotional development

Half Term 6
Unit 1 exam preparation, exam revision

The current year 11s are the last year that will be studying Child Development with the WJEC (Welsh Joint board).
In year 11 the pupils will be completing the year with a second piece of coursework in unit 3 researching a child focus task on protein and calcium and the development of a young child. They will be revisiting all of unit 1 and the various topics discussed throughout their study since year 9.


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