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The Art department is an outstanding faculty at Buile Hill Academy achieving exceptional results. It is a lead department in the local area and shares good practice with other local schools. Pupils are treated as individuals and we nourish their creative minds and ambitions. Throughout years 7, 8 and 9 pupils have one art lesson per week, after which they can opt from our range of Art GCSE's. Pupils experience a range of practical art disciplines including observational drawing, collage, painting, 3D, sprays, mixed media, photography, textiles and stitching. Pupils will also look at a range of artists through discussions and analysis of their work.
In the department we have:

  • 3 fully equipped art rooms.
  • 3 full time art teachers.
  • An experienced full time technician.
  • A dark room with access to digital and traditional cameras.
  • Good use of ICT rooms.
  • A chance for all pupils to study art until the end of year 9, after which it becomes an optional subject.
  • Popular after school sessions every day.
  • Links to local Primary and Secondary schools.
  • A range of GCSE options (Art, Craft and Design, Photography, Textiles, Fine Art).
  • Artists visiting the school, and trips.
  • Trainee teachers.
  • A focus on creativity and transitional skills for all future careers.

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students study art for one hour per week.
In years 7 and 8, pupils will be introduced to a wide range of new techniques, materials, artists, and themes. Students will work through one topic per term, where they will develop their practical skills, discussion and group work. Each theme has been carefully designed to develop a balance of skills, knowledge and understanding. Students will experiment in both 2D and 3D and explore techniques including painting, collage and sculpture. They also analyse and evaluate their own work, and that of others.
In year 9, pupils build upon the knowledge and skills they have gained from previous years. They look at one theme all year but concentrate on one particular skill every couple of weeks,enabling pupils to deepen their knowledge and create further progress. Within this year they will have various sessions and discussions on career pathways to help prepare for GCSE years.

Key Stage 4

At Key Stage 4 pupils can opt into the following GCSE specialisms of art: Fine Art, Textiles, Art, Craft & Design (3D) and Photography.
All the specialisms allow pupils to explore a range of techniques and experiment with a range of materials. We are a busy, thriving and creative department with exceptional results.The course provides a robust foundation for studying an Art based subject at college or those who want to pursue a career in the Arts.
Will I enjoy the course?
You will enjoy the course if you want to study a subject that:

  • involves using art materials.
  • is practical.
  • is fun and rewarding.
  • supports most career choices.
  • involves problem solving.
  • takes inspiration from the world around us.
    is expressive.
  • gives you transferable skills for the future.


Pupils at Key Stage 3 receive homework every other week (6 pieces per term). The homework directly links to the classwork. Year 9 also have the choice to stay after school to develop their skills further in a half an hour session.
At Key Stage 4 pupils are expected to stay after school to continue with coursework, this is for an hour session once a week.

How will I be monitored and assessed?

Pupils are given opportunities to improve based on teacher, self and peer assessment. Projects are marked 3 times a term with comments from both teacher and pupil with responses to marking. Coursework is closely monitored throughout for Key Stage 4 to ensure progress is being made.

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