Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme

The Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award started at Buile Hill in September 2018, and our first group of pupils will have achieved the award by July 2019. The award is led by Miss Smith, who is a qualified Summer Mountain Leader, as well as lots of other teachers who get involved with anything and everything.

What is the Duke of Edinburgh award?

The Duke of Edinburgh award (DofE) is an award scheme helping young people to achieve personal challenges through four sections: physical, skill, volunteering, and an expedition. Pupils are required to undertake one hour a week of the physical, skill and volunteering sections. Two of these sections will completed over three months and pupils choose any one of the three sections to complete over six months. The expedition involves two days of walking with an overnight camp, and pupils will complete a practice expedition and a real expedition. Once all of these sections are completed and signed off by the school, pupils will have completed the Bronze DofE award. There are two further levels to the award, Silver and Gold, which pupils can complete up to the age of 25 (Many colleges and universities offer the award too.)

Example of a Bronze DofE award programme:

  • Physical - football training/matches over 6 months.
  • Skill - learning to cook following basic recipes at home over 3 months.
  • Volunteering - raising money for a charity over 3 months.
  • Expedition - practice - 2 days walking and 1 night of camping. Real - 2 days walking and 1 night of camping.

There are a huge number of things you can do for each section, visit the DofE website for ideas.

Why is the Duke of Edinburgh award worthwhile?

We believe that the award is a truly valuable experience. Taking part in the award means that you become a more rounded person and have other skills to offer alongside your GCSE qualifications. DofE is internationally recognised and employers rate the award very highly. Here are some more of the reasons why it is worthwhile:

  • It is fun!
  • It rewards the things you might be doing already - e.g. football or dance would count for the physical section.
  • You will gain new skills and it is a chance to try new things.
  • You will build confidence, problem-solving skills, and friendships.
  • You will have experiences that will stay with you for life.
  • You will make a difference to other people’s lives through the volunteering section of the award.

How does the Duke of Edinburgh award cost?

It will cost £40 to take part in DofE. This £40 covers a £20 participation fee, which the school pays to the Duke of Edinburgh organisation to register pupils on the award, and the other £20 will cover the costs associated with the expedition including transport, equipment and campsite fees.

We want to emphasise that money will not be a barrier to your child taking part. If you feel the costs will be a problem, please indicate this on the application form or contact Miss Smith. We will be able to support you and your child so that they do not miss this experience.

Who can take part in the award?

Anyone in Year 10, there is no requirement to already be playing a sport or volunteering, one of the purposes of the award is to encourage pupils to learn new skills. You will however need to be:

  • Enthusiastic.
  • Happy to try new things and challenge yourself.
  • Willing to help others.
  • Willing to work hard and behave well in school.
  • Able to manage your time well - the award must not impact negatively on your school work.

The next group of pupils will be able to sign up for the award in September 2019, so if you’ll be in Year 10 next year, then watch out for announcements and get yourself signed up!

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