Curriculum Rationale

The school believes in lifelong learning and acknowledges that achieving well, and gaining good qualifications, is essential for the employability and success of all our young people.

A personalised approach to learning is the key to our students’ success. We ensure that all aspects of our curriculum incorporate transferable, relevant and functional skills into every learning experience and are ambitious for all our pupils. Our pupils’ understanding through each year will develop so that each child will build the knowledge, skills, aptitudes and attitudes required for their next steps in their learning journey.

We are proud to state that our school is a place where:

  • Curriculum equity will enable our pupils to achieve aspirational jobs in the future
  • Pupils will be taught by a consistent set of specialist teachers who will develop their learning from year 7 through to year 11
  • Pupils will develop a love of reading and will have opportunities to expand and improve their vocabulary
  • Lessons will provide opportunities to develop pupils’ oracy and confidence when speaking English
  • We will deliver a curriculum so that all our pupils will develop fundamental mathematical concepts, through problem solving
  • Where every lesson is underpinned by a teacher’s passion for their subject so that pupils develop a similar love of learning
  • The curriculum is sequenced to build on the knowledge and skills and talents previously taught to enable good progress across the key stages
  • Pupils’ learning journeys will support our pupils in becoming successful, healthy and well-adjusted adults
  • We place the utmost importance on developing a pupil’s cultural capital, enabling them to be valuable citizens in society.

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