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We are a caring, child-centred, inclusive school providing an aspirational environment where all are encouraged to reach their full potential through a culturally relevant, knowledge rich curriculum. Through consistent support and strong relationships our students build resilience, which enables children to make a positive contribution to their community. We are not just a school, we are the Buile Hill Family.

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30 Day Song Challenge

30 Day song challenge

During April the music department challenged staff and students to complete a 30 day song challenge on instagram. 

Each day the music department set a theme and asked everyone to share their choice of song that fit with the theme. Themes ranged from 'A song with a colour in the title' to 'A song that reminds you of yourself'. 


We had some incredible entries and some of our students were even inspired to create cover versions of their song choice and shared their videos with us!

Make Your Own Instrument

Make your own instrument! 

The music department have been challenging students to make their own instruments out of recycled items in their homes. The only requirement was that it had to make a sound. 

We have had some brilliant, and creative entries from our students from pan pipes made from straws, guitars made from cereal boxes, shakers and many more!

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